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This is a tutorial on how to make a website with WordPress.

STEP 1.) Install WampServer (Localhost) on Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

Wamp Server:

STEP 2.) Download and install WordPress on WampServer in Windows 10
WordPress is a Content Management System or CMS that we will be using to create this responsive website.


STEP 3.) Login To WordPress, Change Password, Change Permalinks & Delete Plugins

STEP 4.) Install Theme (OceanWP)

STEP 5.) Delete Pages & Posts

STEP 6.) Change Title & Tagline

STEP 7.) Add Your Logo

STEP 8.) Add Pages To Website

STEP 9.) Edit Navigation Menu

STEP 10.) Set Homepage (Install Plugin Elementor)

STEP 11.) Create Your Home Page,About Us Page,Services Page,Contact Us Page

STEP 12.) Create Your Footer

STEP 13.) Create Your Favicon

STEP 14.) Package Your Website For Upload To a Live Server

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