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1. A New Level of Convenience

We’ve all been there. You reach into your pocket or backpack only to find your wired audio device a tangled mess. It’s almost like wired headphones and earbuds are designed to twist up in such a way that you can never enjoy your music right away. Instead, you spend the first minute or two freeing up the wires.

Wireless earbuds eliminate that issue because, surprise, there are no wires to worry about. Your days of accidentally yanking cables and sending your phone or MP3 player flying into the wall are over. You also never have to worry about the wear and tear that eventually occurs to most wired earbuds.

2. More Freedom

Using wired headphones or earbuds means your phone or audio device has to be nearby. Usually it’s in your pocket, which isn’t always convenient when you’re listening to music while getting your workout in or doing chores. There’s nothing worse than ripping your earbuds right out because the cables got stuck on the vacuum.

Wireless earbuds allow you to leave your device anywhere in the house. You can go from room to room while still listening to your favorite music or the latest podcasts. They’re also great for people who love jogging, cycling, or other physical activities.

3. Audio Quality Is Better Than Ever

It wasn’t too long ago that people didn’t trust wireless devices, including cordless audio devices. We can’t blame them since a few years ago wireless earbuds were more prone to drop outs and pairing issues. They also didn’t have the same level of audio quality due to wireless technology still being new.

But today, good wireless earbuds come with enough power to offer the best audio possible. They’re also much more reliable in terms of stability and are able to cover more distance.

4. Wireless Is Now Affordable

It also used to be that investing in a solid pair of wireless earbuds came with a big cost. While the thought of having a cordless way of listening to music has always been tempting, the hefty price tags usually made any interest go away quickly.

As you’ll see from our list of the best wireless headphones to buy, that’s no longer the case. There are plenty of excellent options nowadays that won’t leave your wallet hurting. Even the top wireless headphones on the market come with a reasonable price tag if you have the cash to spend on the best of the best.

5. Battery Life Has Improved Significantly

Arguably the only drawback cordless devices have when compared to wireless is battery life. Sooner or later you need to recharge your phone or Xbox One controller or else they’ll soon run out of juice and become useless. While wireless earbuds do need to be recharged, the average battery life today means less worry.

Although not all wireless earphones have impressive battery life, many boast between 8 to 12 hours. There’s even a Bluetooth neckband on our list that offers a whopping 18 hours of use on one charge.

Wireless Earbuds Buyer’s Guide

You’re convinced that a new pair of wireless earbuds would make your life better. But the question remains: how do you choose the perfect ones for your lifestyle and tastes? Below you’ll find the main factors to consider when looking at our list of recommended choices:

1. Price

Probably the most important thing on your mind is how much you’re willing to spend. Like we’ve already mentioned, you no longer have to sell the farm to buy some solid earbuds. We made sure to include top tier choices along with budget options on our list. But no matter where you go to make your buy, remember that unless you come upon an amazing deal: you get what you pay for.

2. Fit & Comfort

Chances are you’ll be wearing your earbuds for long periods of time. You also might use them while sitting and relaxing or getting your work out done. For this reason it’s important to choose a pair that’s known for their comfort and fit. Otherwise, you’ll end up with earbuds that cause you ear pain or fall out all the time even with the slightest movement. Often, the material used is a big indicator of the earbud’s quality.

3. Sound Isolation

Sound isolation is more than just keeping outside noise from ruining your listening experience. It also helps to let you crank up the volume without annoying your roommates or other people around you. Certain wireless earbuds also provide added isolation if you really want to avoid distracting others and vice versa.

4. Battery Life

Wireless means there’s no cord to continually provide power. If you plan to use your earbuds for long periods of time, consider what reviews and the manufacturer’s description say about how many hours a given pair can last. It’s also important to see how they are charged— while special chargers are great, USB cable is better in our opinion since they’re easier to replace when lost or damaged.

5. Water Resistance

Water resistance is important if you like using your earbuds at the pool or in the shower. If you’re heavy sweater then you’ll definitely want to get sweat-resistant earbuds so you can get a good workout without having to worry about water damage. Also look for wireless earbuds with hydrophobic nano coating.

6. Look & Design

While sound quality is the most important factor, a lot of people also care a lot about look. Look closely at the product images and color availability to find a pair of earbuds you can show off and wear proudly. How they are worn, whether whether directly in the ear or on the earlobe, is also important to consider.

7. Extra Features
Some wireless earbuds offer a number of unique features you might find useful. Some have built-in heart rate sensors to help track physical activity. Others come with magnetic earbuds so they attach each other and don’t separate when stored away. Keep in mind that certain extras might mean the earbuds will cost a bit more.


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