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✅ How to Install OpenCart on Windows 10 PC (Localhost – XAMPP SERVER) Without Errors

How to Install OpenCart on Localhost Using XAMPP Server: This is a step by step tutorial on how to install OpenCart on Localhost using XAMPP Server.
👉Download links: https://techruzz.com/how-to/how-to-install-opencart-on-windows-10-pc-localhost-xampp-server-without-errors
You will also learn how to solve errors that you may encounter during OpenCart installation process i.e.
1. 05:36 GD extension is off instead of on
2. 04:48 C:/xampp/htdocs/projectfoldername/config.php
3. 04:48 C:/xampp/htdocs/projectfoldername/admin/config.php

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1. 00:13 Download and install XAMPP Server
2. 01:25 Start XAMPP Server
3. 01:49 Download OpenCart
4. 02:25 Extract OpenCart files
5. 03:00 Go to C:xampphtdocs to create a new folder for the OpenCart project
6. 03:33 Move all the files from the Upload folder to the New folder you just created
7. 04:05 Open your browser and type localhost/copiedfoldername and hit Enter
8. 04:46 Solving the errors
9. 06:50 Create a new Database

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