Friday, September 29, 2023
Tutorials✅ How to Move Joomla 4 Site From Localhost to Live Server...

✅ How to Move Joomla 4 Site From Localhost to Live Server | Joomla 4 Tutorial

How to Move Joomla 4 Website From Localhost (XAMPP) to Live Server. In this tutorial, I’m going to take you through the steps on how to move a Joomla 4 site from local host to a live server. The same procedure also applies when moving a Joomla 4 site from one live host or server to another.
All you need is to have a back up of your Joomla 4 files plus the database associated to the Joomla 4 site.

NOTE: Before moving Joomla 4 to a new host, make sure that the minimum PHP version set on that server is 7.4 or later. You will see how to change PHP version to 7.4 on cPanel at the end of this video tutorial.

TIMESTAMP ( Steps Covered)
00:00 Introduction
00:51 Uploading Joomla 4 files to a liver Server
02:47 Creating a new Database + Importing Joomla 4 Database
05:48 Linking the new database to the Joomla 4 site
07:58 Updating the Absolute Path of your Joomla installation
10:50 Accessing Joomla 4 Dashboard
11:17 Changing server PHP version from 7.2 to 7.4 or later on cPanel.

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