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Tutorials✅ How to Upgrade or Downgrade PHP Version in XAMPP on Windows...

✅ How to Upgrade or Downgrade PHP Version in XAMPP on Windows 11/10

How to upgrade or downgrade PHP version in XAMPP in Windows 11/10: In this tutorial, I will take you through the steps on how to upgrade or downgrade XAMPP Server PHP Version in Windows. We’re going to upgrade PHP version 7.4 to PHP version 8.0. I will also show you how to go back to the older PHP version.

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Check the current PHP version
00:50 STEP 1. Stop both Apache and MySQL
01:01 STEP 2. Open XAMPP directory
01:07 STEP 3. Rename both the apache and php folders
01:39 STEP 4. Download new apache and php folders.
02:57 STEP 5. Extract the content in the zipped folder
03:30 STEP 6. Copy the new apache and php folders and paste them to the XAMPP directory
04:13 STEP 7. Open the php.ini file in the new php folder and edit the path to point to the XAMPP directory
05:40 STEP 8. Start both the Apache and MySQL
05:56 STEP 9. Confirming if the PHP version has been upgraded to 8.0
06:43 STEP 10. What if I want to go back to the older PHP version? Simple

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