Tuesday, October 3, 2023
TutorialsHow to Open Adobe InDesign Files in CorelDRAW

How to Open Adobe InDesign Files in CorelDRAW

How to Open InDesign Files in CorelDRAW: In this tutorial I will take you through the steps on how to open or import a magazine designed in Adobe InDesign into CorelDRAW and then save it as an Editable CorelDRAW file (.CDR).
👉 40 Pages Multipurpose CorelDRAW Magazine Template: https://designersjoint.com/product/40-pages-multipurpose-coreldraw-magazine-template/
👉 40 Page Multipurpose InDesign Magazine Template: https://designersjoint.com/product/40-page-indesign-lifestyle-magazine-template/

00:14 InDesign magazine preview
00:50 CorelDRAW magazine preview

01:41 Saving the InDesign (.INDD) file as PDF
02:36 Opening the PDF file in CorelDRAW
03:39 Setting up Facing pages in CorelDRAW 2021
05:41 Saving the document in CorelDRAW version (.CDR)

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